The BEST framework  for struggling traders

Providing our students with the best smart money framework the industry has ever seen.

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Mastermind Breakdown

Everything you need to turn it around, all in your hands.

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Group Coaching Calls

On top of the pre-recorded courses we provide our students with, we also host LIVE calls every week

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Live Trading

Shinobi host's live trading every single day for the community. Allowing to learn how to analyze the market live.

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1-on-1 Calls

Every 2 weeks you will have a 1on1 call with Shinobi to analyze your current trading performance.

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Access to Champs Trading

Champs Trading is an educational trading community that's valued at $150 per month. Mentorship students get free lifetime access.

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Inner Circle Chat

This is an exclusive chat just for mastermind students which also gives you 24/7 access to Shinobi.

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By being a mentorship student you also get access to a bunch of pre-recorded courses, custom indicators, and more!

Applications are now live, apply today!

How it Works

The roadmap to success is completely laid out for you and we make sure to help you with every step. This the road you'll take in this mastermind!


Onboarding 👋

The first step after enrollment is a 1-on-1 assessment call with Shinobi. This is to determine where you are in your journey and plan out the next 30 days accordingly.

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Building the Foundations 🧱

After the first 30 days you will hop on another 1-on-1 call with Shinobi to go over how the first 30 days went and determine the steps for the next 30 days.

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Fine Tuning the Skillset & Ironing out Mistakes

After the first 60 days you will hop on another call with Shinobi to start sharpening your skillset and removing current blockers.

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Reaching your Goal 🚀

Now that you have a strong foundation built and the habits in place, the goal is to get you funded with $100,000 OR help you assess how to scale your own personal trading capital!

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Applications are now live, apply today!